To the Window! To the Wall!

Posted by Jules Annen on

Wallpaper is still experiencing a resurgence. And now, thanks to the innovation of peel and stick wallpaper, changing the look and feel of a room is painless and easy.

We’ve seen flamingos, geometric shapes, large ranunculus, cacti (oh so many cacti). The design du jour is mural.

noun 1. a painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall.

Yes, perhaps the same mural you stared at while getting your second set of braces on at the orthodontist (no second set? just me?). 

Maybe you're into more modern mural/decal like Wilde Moon's Peony Flower Pattern Wall Decal (large) for $22.00.


A Brief History of Wallpaper

The first documented use of wallpaper was 200 B.C. in China, when the Chinese glued rice paper to the walls. Later, techniques of applying patterned linen fabric made its way to the Middle East and Europe. France especially formed an affinity for wallpaper, creating official patterns for monarchs.  

The first recorded use of wallpaper in the USA was in 1739 in Philadelphia, PA. Early styles matched European trends, including a trend for panoramic scenes and trompe l’oeil (3D) motifs. These early murals were designed to be hung from waist up. By 1900, wallpaper was the most sought after household decorating technique in the United States. Sears was the largest manufacturer during this period, producing patterns that appealed to a variety of period décor styles and even commissioning famous artists of the time to create signature patterns.

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