Jules Annen

Hello there.
I’m Jules Annen, makeup-artist-turned-self-care-coach and author of the Beauty in Balance book series. I guide others to acieve inner balance and outer radiance by feeding the mind, body and spirit with self-affirming thoughts, healing foods, and daily self-care rituals.
I created the integrative concept, Well-tique, to take beauty, wellness, and style
to the next level; empowering others to make informed decisions about what
they are consuming and absorbing.

Wilde Moon, named after the OG beatnik Oscar Wilde and our wise moon, is an online and in-person Well-tique that offers sustainable products and tools carefully curated with your safety in mind. All products are ethically-sourced, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. 

I hope to connect with you and would love to hear your feedback
about this site!
In Gratitude,
Jules Annen
Board Certified Cosmetologist | Beauty Nutritionist | Holistic Health Practitioner